Nothing is better than a Chiappa pistol to target shoot or plink in the 22 LR platform. Chiappa guns were created from an artisan tradition and are modernized to suit the needs of novice shooters as well as the more advanced marksman. This 1911-framed 22 LR pistol replicates the feel and control that larger caliber handguns have. It offers a more enjoyable shooting experience at the range, with more accurate and comfortable shooting. Chiappa pistols have a fixed barrel blowback design and an ergonomic Hogue rubber handle. They also feature fixed front and back sights and a 5-inch barrel length. Chiappa pistols are a new way to practice range plinking and target practice.

Chiappa revolvers are a very popular brand in America. Our online store stocks a wide range of Chiappa Rhino revolvers and other Chiappa revolvers, although they are not widely available. These revolvers are distinguished by their cowboy action capability for competitive sport shooting. The Rhino design, which discharges from the lowest chamber of the revolver, is a variation on the single-action revolver. These revolvers are renowned for their exquisite styling, technical excellence and use state-of the-art alloys.

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Chiappa rifles are perfect for hunting in the backcountry or plinking at the range. These long guns can be purchased in a variety of lengths, including 22 WMR, 22LR and 410 Bore. The Chiappa survival rifle is only 2.9 pounds in weight and folds into an included case for easy portability. This rifle is lightweight and easy to transport. It also features Picatinny rails and an integrated 12-round shell holder. The Chiappa 22 rifle, a double-over-under, has a carbon steel barrel and checkered stock. It also features Williams Green Fiber Optic sightings. You can find the right long gun for you right here.



This authentic replica of the 1887 repeating scattergun, which was an integral part of many historic events, is available for purchase by Chiappa. Chiappa shotguns have a lever or break action. This original lever features an innovative internal safety. The European walnut stock, forearm and stock are color case finished receivers. There are versions that have a pistol grip stock, 18.5-inch barrel, and other options. The Chiappa triple barrel shotgun, a 12-gauge 12 gauge gun with three 18.5 inch barrels and a firing order of left, right, and top, is ideal for home defense, hunting, or as an addition in a collector’s arsenal. This distinctive design is sure to turn heads at the range and will be the first thing any intruder see when trying to enter your home. You can find the complete line of these classic shotguns right here.

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Chiappa uppers for sale bring top-quality design to your AR-15 rifle build. Chiappa uppers, the result of over 60 years of innovation, artisan craftsmanship, are made in Italy. The manufacturing process is closely monitored to ensure consistency and quality. Each stage of manufacturing is done entirely in-house, including the design and realization of a 3D model and data transfer to production machinery. Each Chiappa M4-22 Upper is made to fit a MIL-SPEC Lower Receiver. It features quad Picatinny Rails, strong polymer and steel construction, and 2 magazines. The uppers can be ordered in various barrel lengths and capacities, making them suitable for training or target practice.

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Chiappa, a firearm company located in Brescia in Italy, started in 1958. It currently produces blank and signal guns as well as defense and sporting firearms. Chiappa firearms use 3D modeling and high-tech machining equipment that is managed by sophisticated computer systems. The precision parts are assembled to create weaponry with flawless fit and finish. This iconic firearms company offers a wide range of weapons, including historical weapons, muzzleloaders, lever-action shotguns and rifles, as well as sporting and self defense handguns. Signal guns and airguns are also available. These Chiappa guns are made in Italy and available at the lowest prices.

Some of our popular and well known chiappa gun models include; Chiappa 1873, Chiappa 1886, Chiappa 1887, Chiappa 1911-22, Chiappa CBR-9, Chiappa Little Badger, Chiappa M4-22, Chiappa Rhino, Chiappa Spencer.